Mission and Program Educational Objectives


The mission of the Civil Engineering Department is to offer a high quality and accredited degree that prepares our graduates for professional licensure leading to successful civil engineering careers in industry and government or for success at the graduate level. Toward this end, the Civil Engineering Department will recruit and maintain a diverse, highly skilled faculty.

Continued excellence in our undergraduate program is paramount to our mission by providing a strong technical foundation to our graduates for engineering design and problem solving; preparing quality graduates for licensure and professional careers in civil engineering; encouraging modern and effective methods of instruction; maintaining close student-faculty interactions; and instilling life-long learning skills for professional growth after graduation.

Program Educational Objectives:

In support of the mission, the Civil Engineering Department adopts the following program educational objectives:

1. Prepare our graduates to achieve professional engineering licensure and productivity in a civil engineering setting.
2. Prepare our graduates to be future leaders and public sector employees in civil engineering fields.
3. Prepare our graduates to pursue and complete a graduate level degree.
4. Maintain and further develop a high quality accredited civil engineering program that is competitive with comparable programs throughout the nation.

The Civil Engineering Program at New Mexico State University is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, http://www.abet.org.