ReNUWIt Project featured by Las Cruces Sun-News

“The exciting future of wastewater”, featuring ReNUWIt research was published by Las Cruces Sun-News in Sunday print edition and online. The article discusses the “big implications are resulting from what looks like a small algae research project” at the Jacob A. Hands Wastewater Treatment Facility in Las Cruces. Starting two years ago in laboratory test tubes, Dr. Khandan‘s  ReNUWIt project is now live at JHWWTF in 200-gallon photobioreactors. The project uses Galdieria sulphuraria, a microalgae, to remove contaminants from wastewater to the mandated discharge standards. The microalgae thrive 110-degree temperatures and consume organic carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorous in the wastewater, making the treated wastewater suitable for discharge into waterways.

Algae sample is pulled from the algal photobioreactor where it is thriving and removing contaminants from the City’s wastewater (Photo by Suzanne Michaels Communications)


Professor Khandan with three of his graduate students, Shanka Henkanette-Gedera, Mohsen Karbakhsh, and Duplex Tchinda at the photobioreactors deployed at the JHWWTF (Photo by Suzanne Michaels Communications)

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Learn more about NMSU ReNUWIt

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