Lambis Papelis, Ph.D.

(575) 234-5555


  • Ph.D. – 1992, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Stanford University
  • M.S. – 1981, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Stanford University
  • B.S. – 1980, Civil Engineering, National Technical University, Greece

Research Interests

  • Aquatic chemistry; surface chemistry of mineral surfaces
  • Spectroscopic investigations of complexes at the mineral/water interface
  • Physicochemical characterization of mineral surfaces
  • Modeling diffusion and adsorption in porous earth materials and adsorbents
  • Water quality; physicochemical water treatment processes
  • Chemical and geochemical fate of trace elements

Select Publications

Weaver, W.C., T.C.G. Kibbey, and C. Papelis (2020). “Dissolution-desorption dynamics of strontium during elution following evaporation: pH and ionic strength effects.” Water, 12, 1461; doi:10.3390/w12051461. 

Normile, H., C. Papelis, and T. Kibbey (2017). “Remobilization dynamics of caffeine, ciprofloxacin and propranolol following evaporation-induced immobilization in porous media.” Environmental Science and Technology, 51, 6082-6089.

Xu, X., L. Lin, C. Papelis, M. Myint, T. Cath, and P. Xu (2015). “Use of drinking water treatment solids for arsenic removal from desalination concentrate.” Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 445, 252-261.

Um, W. and C. Papelis (2003). “Sorption mechanisms of Sr and Pb on zeolitized tuffs from the Nevada test site as a function of pH and ionic strength.” American Mineralogist88, 2028-2039.

Hayes, K.F., C. Papelis, and J.O. Leckie (1988).  “Modeling ionic strength effects on anion adsorption at hydrous oxide/solution interfaces”, J. Colloid Interface Sci.125, 717-726.