Nirmala Khandan, Ph.D., P.E.

Hernandez Hall, Room 212
(575) 646-5378


  • Ph.D. – Environmental Engineering, Drexel University, Philadelphia PA
  • MS – Environmental Engineering, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA
  • BS – Mechanical Engineering, University of Ceylon, Peradeniya, Sri Lanka

Professional History

  • 2011 to Present – Ed & Harold Foreman Endowed Chair, New Mexico State University
  • 2004 to 2010 – John W. Clark Professor, New Mexico State University, NM
  • 1998 to 2004 – Professor, New Mexico State University, NM
  • 1989 to 1998 – Associate Professor, New Mexico State University, NM
  • 1988 to 1989 – Research Assistant Professor, Vanderbilt University, TN

Research Interests

  • Physical and biological process engineering for removal of organic contaminants from air, soil, groundwater, and wastewater
  • QSAR techniques for chemical characterization and modeling environmental fate, transport, impact, and risk assessment
  • Computer simulation software of natural and engineered processes for in-class and distance teaching, research, publication, and consulting
  • Technologies for sustainable environmental engineering and renewable energy usage

Select Publications

Nirmalakhandan, N., Selvaratnam, T., Henkanatte-Gedera, S.M., Tchinda, D. Abeysiriwardana-Arachchige, I. S. A,  Delanka-Pedige, H. M. K., Munasinghe-Arachchige, S. P., Zhang, Y., Holguin, F.O., Lammers, P.J., Algal  wastewater treatment: Photoautotrophic vs. Mixotrophic processes, Algal Research, 41 (2019), 101569.

Abeysiriwardana-Arachchige, I. S. A., Munasinghe-Arachchige, S. P., Delanka-Pedige, H. M. K., Nirmalakhandan, N., Removal and recovery of nutrients from municipal sewage: Algal vs. Conventional approaches, Water Research, 175 (2020), 115709 

Delanka-Pedige, H. M. K., Munasinghe-Arachchige, S. P., Zhang, Y., Nirmalakhandan, N., Bacteria and virus  reduction in secondary treatment:  Potential for minimizing post disinfectant demand, Water Research, 177  (2020), 115802 

Delanka-Pedige, H. M. K., Cheng, X., Munasinghe-Arachchige, S. P., Bandara, G. L. C. L., Zhang, Y., Xu, P., Schaub,  T., Nirmalakhandan, N., Conventional vs. algal wastewater technologies: Reclamation of microbially safe water  for agricultural reuse, Algal Research, 51 (2020), 102022

Munasinghe-Arachchige, S. P., Abeysiriwardana-Arachchige, I. S. A., Delanka-Pedige, H. M. K., Cooke, P. and Nirmalakhandan, N., Nitrogen-Fertilizer Recovery from Urban Sewage via Gas Permeable Membrane: Process Analysis, Modeling, and Intensification, Chemical Engineering Journal, 411 (2021), 128443